Benjamin Gettinger


Training Certifications:

300-hour Ashtanga Training in India
300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Jai Yoga Hollywood


  • Benjamin teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    Los Feliz

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The contentment and joy that flows freely after effort is applied to practice inspires me to keep going, growing, and sharing.

Why I Practice

I practice for you! Yoga eases the chatter of my mind. When that subsides, I operate from a deeper place of clarity, authenticity, and compassion. In this eternally evolving bubble of truth, self-love and service to others becomes obvious and natural.

Why I Teach

After years of devout practice, one can only continue to grow by sharing what one knows. The clarity, joy, and self-understanding students get from my classes is all the fuel I need to stay committed on this amazing path of yoga.

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