Bianca Amelie Fearon

YOGA INSTRUCTOR & Teacher trainer

Training Certifications:

E-RYT 500
YogaWorks Certified, YogaWorks Teacher Training 500 (Jeanne Heileman)
Functional Anatomy & Yin Yoga - 300-Hour Certified (Paul & Suzee Grilley)
60-Hours Insights Mindfulness & Meditation (Sarah Powers)
150+ Hours accumulated (Annie Carpenter & Maty Ezraty)
30-Hours Anna Forrest Yoga


  • Bianca Amelie teaches:

    In Studio, Teacher Trainings, Workshops

  • Teaching Locations:

    South Bay, Brentwood

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My students! my family and friends! The sun, the moon, the planet

Why I Practice

I practice yoga because it helps me connect with myself on a physical/mental/emotional and spiritual level, like a mirror the practice of yoga shows up any imbalanced and unhelpful tendencies that arise on a day to day basis in my attitude to how I connect with myself, others and broach situations .. like an unbiased guide the canvas of yoga draws me back into a state of balance. When I practice I fee morel present within, connected to my inner intelligence, and peaceful.

Why I Teach

Because it is my dharma to help others become stronger and yet softer, generous to themselves. I teach because I believe yoga helps cultivate a richer fuller existence on this journey that is "Life."

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