Carrie Nutt


Training Certifications:

YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-hour
YogaWorks Teacher Training 300-hour
Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (1/2)


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I'm a playwright and lover of the theatre, so I draw from my performative background. I love to read books and just finished my first novel. I absolutely love language. Yoga and good literature both shed light on the human condition. I also love to take classes with my teachers because I walk away from those classes with so many new tools and excited to pass on what I learn to my students. There's nothing like having a teacher in the world. Or two or three or four...

Why I Practice

The deeper I go into the practice of yoga, the more I realize how little I know. It is a constantly unfolding, life-long practice that is physical and spiritual. Yoga allows the practitioner access to parts of themselves they didn't know existed. The Wild West of the self. It's discovery, it's focus, it's a measure of your heart and mind. I feel so much better after I practice. And like death and taxes, I know that to be true. It's a discipline of introspection in a world of being seen.

Why I Teach

It's rewarding and fun! Teaching yoga is meaningful work and I love it. I also do massage therapy, so I'm interested in the way "alternative medicine" or manual manipulation of the body can heal. So many aches and pains are from muscles that aren't moving and getting blood flow. Yoga makes you feel better. It makes you stronger and more toned. Your serotonin levels skyrocket. It brings you feelings of peace and well being. Healthier, happier individuals make a healthy happier society. Go team!

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