Casey Bryan


Training Certifications:

YogaOne 200-hour teacher training, Houston
Jivamukti School of Yoga 300-hour teacher training, Costa Rica
Radiantly Alive 300-hour teacher training, Ubud, Bali
Over 1,000 hours of training


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I am inspired by many influential teachers including Roger Rippy, Tara Judell, and Tiffany Kruikshank of YogaGlo, Jennifer Crescenzo (my yin teacher from Australia), Mark Pheely (Australia), and many many more.

Why I Practice

I practice yoga because it grounds me in a world where I am continually enticed in so many directions. In some ways yoga has saved my life. I consider my life to have had two parts so far -- before yoga and after yoga. My practice keeps me happy, tranquil, at peace, and in the present.

Why I Teach

I teach yoga because I truly feel it is my calling to share. It's moved me in ways that sometimes I cannot even explain. It is my desire to impart a piece of peace in others' hearts. It is my hope that my students leave my classes with a calm, lasting, peaceful energy that carries them well into their day and life.

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