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I am grateful to have a daily dose of inspiration from the students who attend my classes and join me on the retreats I lead. It is beyond inspiring to witness such tremendous growth and courage, let alone facilitate great transformation in the lives of many. My family is also a huge source of inspiration; they have triumphed over immeasurable adversity and lived to tell the tale. Good music also keeps me going.

Why I Practice

It beats a frontal lobotomy! Joking aside, it is essential that I always remain a student, both in the practice of yoga, and in life. Yoga has a way of humbling us no matter how much we think we know, and those who think they've got it all figured out don't know anything.

Why I Teach

For well over 25 years, yoga has helped me through some seriously difficult times. It is a privilege to give back the many gifts yoga has bestowed in my own life. Honestly, I'm just here to remind people of how incredible they are already. Life is serious enough; yoga shouldn't have to be. This is why I make my classes as fun, irreverently reverent, and celebratory as possible. You're having such a good time that you don't realize the deep spiritual work you're actually doing. I love teaching, and I love music, and the fact that I can combine both while making a career out of it is just gravy!

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