Chris Stein


Training Certifications:

Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Junior Intermediate III Certification


  • Chris teaches:

    In Studio

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Yogamaster, BKS IYENGAR. He has given his entire life to disseminate the knowledge of this great science and art of yoga. At 92 years of age, and still practicing yoga, and now, writing many books on the subject, he continues to inspire me to practice and teach. To see him still practicing, one gets a glimpse of what he means when he says, "my asanas are my prayers."

Why I Practice

On a daily basis, it brings me back to who I am. My practice aligns and cleanses the body, balances the energies of the mind, and reminds me that not only myself, but all of us, are seekers of the truth, and moving towards the union of body, mind and Soul.

Why I Teach

I want to give back from my own practice. The benefits that I have received from the practice of yoga are so bountiful, and the knowledge and self-study, so vast. I find that by teaching others what I have learned from my teachers, I am also continuing to learn and give back to myself. Our students are our greatest teachers.

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