Christian Florez


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    In Studio

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    Costa Mesa

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Unlocking new depths and nooks within my body is ultimately what inspires me, to move through areas that were once inaccessible, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Why I Practice

I began practicing yoga due to an awakening I experienced, transitioning into a more healthy way of living. I quit my competitive boxing career and wanted to treat my body and mind with more love and respect, which ultimately landed me in my first vinyasa class. I immediately was humbled by not only the physical challenge I experienced, but the mental challenge as well. I have devoted myself to an intuitive practice, incorporating more mindful movement. I am recognized for my knowledge in arm balances/inversions.

Why I Teach

I teach yoga to provide the same liberation to my students that was given to me by my teachers. I teach to show students that freedom, strength, and power that lies within one's own body, waiting to be unlocked.

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