Christine Cherry


Training Certifications:

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Charm City Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training
Charm City Yoga 85-Hour Prenatal Training
Strala Yoga Intensive Training


  • Christine teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:


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My mom introduced me to yoga right after I graduated from high school. She practices every weekday in some capacity, and it's inspired me ever since.

Why I Practice

I practice yoga because I am unsure of how my life would look without it! Practicing yoga gives me the space to be creative and move in ways that my other hobbies (ballet and distance running) do not. Yoga also gives me a chance to play and laugh at myself. I get to explore new postures and challenge myself in ways I might otherwise be afraid to try.

Why I Teach

I teach not only to share the knowledge I've accrued in trainings, but to foster a sense of community in each class I teach. Strala calls instructors "guides", and that's exactly what I aim to do--guide others in ways that feel good, safe, and fruitful.

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