David Lynch

YOGA TEACHER & Teacher trainer

Training Certifications:

500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification, YogaWorks Certification


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"I have news for you — there are people who get up in the morning and cross a room and open a window to let the sweet breeze in and let it touch them all over their faces and bodies." (Tony Hoagland)

Why I Practice

One day I hope to unify and bring peace to the five sheaths of my body: the anatomical, the physiological, the mental, the intellectual and the spiritual (BKS). I would also like to lose my love handles.

Why I Teach

I hope to better understand the shape and form of the body, mind and spirit and refine my abilities to integrate the knowledge of my teachers past and present into my students’ lives. I also teach to feed an out of control ego and my need for validation on a daily basis.

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