Devin Byrne


Training Certifications:

E-RYT 200-hour at OnlYoga (predominately Ashtanga based)
Assisted Astrid Santana's 200-hour YTT
Many immersions including Kundalini, Thai Bodywork, and ergonomic adjustments


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I am inspired by dolphins, birds, and jaguars as well as the spider's patience, the flower's persistence, and a tree's effulgence. I try to reflect the harmonious beauty in nature with my practice.

Why I Practice

I practice to deepen my awareness of the subtleties that constitute this material plane and connect us more deeply to each other. I practice to quiet the mind and find a balance within this cacophonous 21st century.

Why I Teach

I love guiding people back to the ever-present solace of quietude, allowing people the space to let go of whatever it may be that could have been dragged in unknowingly. Also being able to add a newer vernacular to age-old messages and making the practice lighthearted is fun.

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