Edie Raphael


Training Certifications:

Charm City Yoga 200 & 300-hour
RYT 500
Level 1 and 2 (Baptiste Yoga)
Trained group facilitator (The Mussar Institute)
PhD (Sociology)


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The world is full of inspiration for my practice. It's hard to think of someone or something that doesn't inspire me to keep practicing and teaching.

Why I Practice

The first 10 yoga classes I took, I disliked the practice immensely. But something (thankfully) kept me going back trying different teachers and different styles of yoga. Finally I found the right fit and the rest was magic. Yoga transformed my body and more importantly my inner life.

Why I Teach

You shouldn't give away what you don't have. If I'm going to teach yoga I have to live yoga. Teaching keeps me on the path and allows me to help others with their journey. Sharing my experience of being an imperfect human in the state of perpetual self-improvement in a community of other imperfect humans makes us all the richer for it.

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