Emily Neagle


Training Certifications:

200-hour Tranquil Space Teacher Training


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I'm inspired by all the little things in the world around me: a flower coming through the sidewalk, the shimmer in my dog's eye when he wants a treat, the wisdom and humor of my grandmother, nature in all its expressions for the sense, soft sheets, children noisily learning about the world, music playing down the alley, art on the side of a building...breathing! The world is full of life and beauty to inspire.

Why I Practice

When I practice, I anchor my mind and movement to my breath which gives me glimpses of presence and peace in a hectic world. Through my practice I find confidence in myself and my body, and a connection and faith in the bigger things at play in the universe around me.

Why I Teach

I teach to give back and to create a welcoming community by sharing what I've learned from my own yoga practice with my students.

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