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Emily Strombotne


Training Certifications:

500 Hour Teacher Certification- YogaWorks
Kids Yoga Teacher Certification- YogaWorks


  • Emily teaches:

    In Studio

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I feel I am inspired constantly and from many sources. I have been and continue to be inspired by teachers, students, writers, musicians, family and friends. Witnessing others embrace life, find inner strength and courage, push through limitations, uplift others and reach out a hand all are all inspiring for me.

Why I Practice

I practice yoga because I genuinely believe there are endless physical, mental and spiritual benefits of the practice. Yoga helps me to slow down, turn my attention inward and get connected to a deeper place within myself where I find true peace and contentment exist. When I practice often I am less reactive, less affected by the ups and downs of life, I am more grounded and I make more mindful healthy choices.

Why I Teach

Yoga has and continues to impact my life in many positive ways and I am very passionate and committed to sharing this gift of yoga with others. I believe through yoga practice we find inner peace and truth. By linking the breath to movement, a mind, body and spirit connection is cultivated. Yoga encourages the opening of the mind and the heart for change and deeper awareness. Yoga frees, empowers and exposes us so we may develop into the purist and most beautiful state of our being.

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