Erica Halliwell


Training Certifications:

200 and 300-Hour Be Yoga Ishta training with Alan Finger, Prenatal Training with Carrie Parker


  • Erica teaches:

    In Studio

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Yoga, clearly, but also being good to others and to the earth. I try hard to live lightly on this planet while still fully.

Why I Practice

It makes me feel good. I am a physical person who has always had movement as an integral part of my life. Once I found yoga I was not only physically fulfilled but discovered balance that extended off of my mat and into all parts of my life. Freedom, space, confidence and peace, what more could anyone want.

Why I Teach

I love to be able to connect with my students in a very real and honest space, and to share the magic of yoga with them; seeing them explore, challenge and amaze themselves by their own ability.

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