Erika Frazier


Training Certifications:

Prana Power Yoga Hands-On Assisting Training
Shakti Yoga 40-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Uganda with Bobby Bessey


  • Erika teaches:

    In Studio

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I am inspired by a sunny day spent outside, a hike in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, and traveling. New adventures and experiences inspire me.

Why I Practice

It's hard to admit this now, but I always thought yoga was too "slow" for my go-go-go lifestyle; cycling, swimming, and running had been my fitness go-to's. I eventually started to feel frustrated by my tired, fatigued, and injury-prone body. I needed something to give me perspective and help slow me down. Finding yoga helped me to heal and restored my peace and calm. My practice keeps me feeling strong from the inside out and helps me learn how to find balance in my life, on and off the mat.

Why I Teach

My professional background and career is grounded in a passion for community health, wellness, and healing. My mission is to share yoga with people from all walks of life and support others on a journey of cultivating health from within, both physically and mindfully. In 2013 I was visiting Ubud, Indonesia where I was able to spend time practicing yoga with teachers from around the world. I wasn't sure I wanted to teach but knew I was craving to learn more about the practice. It wasn't long after I got back to Boston that I signed up and completed my first 200-Hour Teacher Training in 2015. I found a "yoga home" and community at Prana Power Yoga and also joined the staff of class Hands-on Assistants in Cambridge. In 2016, a wonderful teacher and mentor/friend of mine inspired me finally to start teaching and now here I am. I continue to fall in love with teaching every day and am excited about sharing the joy for yoga with those I meet along the way.

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