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Passion. Whether it’s for knowledge, your job, your hobby, or just breathing, I get so inspired by people who get wrapped up in things and really live their passion. I don’t care if you’re handing out the Express at the top of the Metro escalator to angry morning commuters or living your dream as a National Geographic photographer on a mountaintop in Bolivia – if you’re doing it passionately and living it to the fullest, you’re inspiring me!

Why I Practice

The act of continuing to come to stillness, dedicating time for quiet breathing, taking the time to really focus on what my body is telling me – it slows me down and gives me perspective. Setting aside just an hour every few days where I have nowhere else I need to be is so crucial, and gives me tools to cope with the sometimes traumatic DC pace of life.

Why I Teach

I love sharing my practice and my love of yoga with my students, mostly because of the benefits that I know the practice has had on my life. I also love the creative outlet that teaching provides me -- from sequencing, to music selection, to assisting, to helping students modify their practice to suit their needs.

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