Gina Miller


Training Certifications:

CPR Certification 8/2019
currently enrolled in 500-hour training


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I am inspired by water; it is never stagnant, and it evolves, adapts, and changes to fill its vessel. My background is in marketing, public relations, and outreach deeply rooted in Houston’s arts and music scene. I love the power a room full of like-minded individuals can create. I am a Houston native and Inner-Looper (since birth) and cheerlead HTX as a cultural mecca with recommendations of many hidden gems and my Houston Rockets love! Off the mat, you can find me pretending to be an Iron Chef, a skincare expert, and/or giving into my adventurous spirit/"wanderlista" vibes by traveling to (semi) exotic places. I am naturally curious about everyone around me, and I seeks to surround myself with those who drive me to be the best version of myself. I have a deep connection to the arts, so I am most inspired by music, fine arts and foods, meditation, and finding the beauty in the ordinary.

Why I Practice

My personal self-declaration is to commit to others who are committed to me, and I recognized I must be the first one honor to the commitment. So, I practice to make time for inner focus and self-development, to connect with my community and my breath.

Why I Teach

I enjoy helping students achieve postures they want to practice via hands-on assists. I approach students from a place of connection versus correction with the objective of self-discovery and finding the balance between challenge and ease within your practice. Within the classroom, I seek to create a palpable sense of community, with a focus on self-care, intentional movement, and breathwork.

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