Hannah Trowell


Training Certifications:

RYT-200 Hour from Yoga Den
AcroYoga International Level 1 Teacher Training
Exhale to Inhale Trauma-Informed Training
Dancing Mindfulness
Currently pursuing a 500-Hour Training with Yoga Medicine


  • Hannah teaches:

    In Studio

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“We are engaged in a day-by-day process of self-invention — not discovery, for what we search for does not exist until we find it — both the past and the future are raw material, shaped, and re-shaped by each individual.” ~ Composing a Life by Mary Catherine Bateson

Why I Practice

I practice to take up space. Throughout my life, I have been taught to shrink and pull back. Yoga teaches me to do the opposite; it encourages my body take up as much space as possible. I love allowing myself to flow and create within the rectangular universe that is our yoga mat without expectations. I constantly crave the combination of fluidity and structure that inspire me to flourish in a healthy way. The community formed in a class or studio is indescribable. Whether you know the people personally or you’re in the room for the first time, sharing breath and intention together is beautiful.

Why I Teach

I teach because I want to experience my students taking up space. Many times, it is their first time fully opening and expanding, to the point of a release of emotions. I teach because I believe that yoga is a form of moving mindfulness and that yoga can be so many different things as long as it involves intention and surrender. Experimenting with words to see how they play out in another’s body positioning is always rewarding as a teacher. My background is mainly in accessible and trauma-informed yoga. I have taught in jail to women along with classes of over 50 senior citizens. I love reminding the communities around me that we all can do yoga and that you can always find shapes that suit your body. I teach to remain a student.

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