Heather Ewing Ogle


Training Certifications:

RYT 200


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My students inspire me so much. I continue to learn and grow thanks to them each year I teach.

Why I Practice

I found a wonderful heated yoga practice as a respite on freezing cold mornings in Toronto when I was an undergrad. It was the best tool I could find to release academic stress and turn my attention inward for self care. As life shifted and I moved to Latin America, I loved that my practice could travel with me wherever I went. I continue to pursue my own yoga practice ten years later, appreciating those same things -- self care and portability.

Why I Teach

I teach yoga because I think that we all learn so much about ourselves through our time on the mat. The way we approach challenges in a yoga class is so often the same way we deal with adversity off the mat. I think of teaching as an opportunity for me to hold space for others as they explore harnessing their breath to support moving in a way that serves them on the mat and living in a way that serves them off the mat.

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