Jasmine Lieb


Training Certifications:

Harriman School of Yoga Teacher Training with Indra Devi & Cheryl Harriman, Samata International Teacher Training with Mara Carrico, Samata International Yoga Therapy and Advanced Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Richard Miller, YogaWorks Teacher Training with Maty Ezaraty & Lisa Walford, Loyola Marymount University, Yoga & Ecology Teacher Training

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My mother, unconditional love, My daughter Casey, The perfection of the nature within this Uni-vVerse

Why I Practice

It is my way of life. I have been living the astanga (eight limbs) of yoga my whole life. The core yogic principles of life are the foundations given me by my parents. This practice is a living, breathing, whole-istic and sustainable way to healthy life.

Why I Teach

I am passionate to share with as many people as possible the simply amazingly and readily available benefits of the practice of the astanga (eight limbs) of yoga. I feel blessed that my experience, my practice and my studies allow me to teach students at all levels from therapeutics, Level’s One, One/Two, Two, to Student-Teachers and Teachers. Regardless of experience, age or condition I love bringing my students to an understanding of the potential of this yoga practice and how they can receive the very accessible benefits.

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