Jenna Neubauer


Training Certifications:

RYT-200 YogaOne Studios


  • Jenna teaches:

    In Studio

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I receive inspirational downloads during meditation and other various spiritual rituals that I use as themes for my classes. I've discovered my primary purpose in this life is to expand spiritually and be of service to others. I have studied and received my Reiki Master, journeyed to Teotihuacan with a Toltec guide, and am getting excited for my upcoming 10-day Vipassana course soon. Off the mat I love experiencing live music and theater, connecting with nature and animals, and experimenting with new vegan recipes in the kitchen.

Why I Practice

I am a free spirit who wholeheartedly believes in the power of being present on and off the mat. The conscious connection between the self and spirit keeps me coming back to my mat to explore and expand.

Why I Teach

Sharing the gift of yoga with others ignites my soul. I love holding space for students while assisting them in feeling fully supported and centered. My classes promote self-love in a safe, sacred space, and I encourage each student to explore their unique mind, body, and soul. I enjoy singing and playing my song bowl for students in savasana.

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