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Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training


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My inspiration includes my students because they are absolutely amazing and help me every day develop as a teacher and grow into the best version of myself. My family, including my husband Alex and my two dogs, are also my inspiration who have given me the space to grow into who I was meant to be. Lastly, Rachel Hollis, who has empowered me through her content to constantly work on becoming the best version of myself.

Why I Practice

After years of struggling with ADD and ADHD, I discovered yoga in college as a way to ground and stabilize. I practice as an outlet to release any stress throughout my day. Yoga also gives me the opportunity to embrace challenging poses and postures so that I can use the mindset and grit developed on my mat off the mat when uncomfortable and challenging situations arise.

Why I Teach

After teaching at-risk students for the past five years throughout Miami and Atlanta, I decided to transition the skills I had acquired through teaching in the classroom to the yoga studio. I teach to inspire my students to become a stronger and better version of his or herself. I create rigorous yet rewarding sequences and flows that both challenge and strengthen my students' practice. Prepare to sweat and release everything no longer needed in my class!

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