Jillian Glikbarg


Training Certifications:

E-RYT 500
RYS 200


  • Jillian teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    Palo Alto

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My primary inspiration comes from my teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker and his teacher Panditji Rajmani Tigunait. This living lineage in the Sri Vidya tradition, in which I have been initiated, is about joy, power and fulfillment. LIfe is about the living experience, the joyful stretch of learning and growing, the refined ways in which we interact with and shape our life and our relationships. I honor my teachers for these tools and want to bring them to my students.

Why I Practice

Practice has been the cornerstone of my personal spiritual development as well as the physical and mental benefits that a consistent practice provides

Why I Teach

I teach because I want to share the many benefits that yoga has brought to my life. I teach because I value excellency in teaching so I continue to teach, to study and to grow, so my students have a runway upon which to launch their own paths.

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