Kiah Dremel


Training Certifications:

Inner Strength 4 Pillars of Freedom 200-Hour Teacher Training with Roman Szpond and Lauren Star
200-Hour Bridge program with Brett Larkin


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I draw inspiration from myself, from nature, from food, and I am always up for learning something new.

Why I Practice

My personal practice is so special to me. I love the chance to explore my body, what I am capable of, what I am hiding. Yoga gives me a direct window into my inner workings. My mat is a sacred yet lighthearted place, where my inner child, elder guide, and present soul can play together.

Why I Teach

To put it simply, passion. Through a consistent personal practice, I have been able to navigate my life with strength, grace, and joy. Through teaching, I have been able to add the elements of curiosity, intuition, and discipline. Holding a space for students to explore their own minds, breath, and bodies is so profound and powerful. I love sharing in the self discovery, allowing students to find their own power and their own sense of self through compassion, clarity, and, of course, challenge.

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