Leah Croteau


Training Certifications:

RYT 200 @ South Boston Yoga
RYT 500 with Rolf Gates & Jacqui Bonwell


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    In Studio

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Taking classes and workshops or attending trainings and retreats with teachers new to me on a regular basis continues to be a fun way for me to feel the experience of approaching what I teach in different ways. Outside of yoga, I find time in nature, whether hiking or running with Odie, my Siberian husky, watching the sun rise then set, and watching the moon surface from the ocean into the sky. The quiet observation of breathing the ocean or mountain air brings me into a space of true awe and appreciation, ultimately for the forgiving space for me to reconnect and recollect with my own inner wisdom.

Why I Practice

Practicing yoga gives me a moving meditation and breathing room away from the whirlwind of life while simultaneously offering the space for me to consider my alignment -- how I've been being, what sensations are surfacing to guide me, etc. Yoga to me is like having an accountability partner that reflects back where I am and what I've been up to. It is an experience of paying attention, noticing, and feeling that enables me to effectively re-align, to sit still, to move mindfully, and ultimately to live consciously. I am happiest when aligned.

Why I Teach

Teaching gives me the platform to integrate my fascination on how to live life in a way that makes us feel greater happiness and peace by aligning our actions with the way of the heart through my gift of teaching complex concepts through relatable and palatable literal expression.

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