Malachi Grieves

YOGA TEACHER & Teacher trainer

Training Certifications:

200-hour YogaWorks Teacher Training
300-hour YogaWorks Teacher Training
Countless workshops
22 years of teaching experience


  • Malachi teaches:

    In Studio, Online

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My inspiration will always be Maty Ezraty, the teacher that laid the foundation for integrity in my teaching. I admire and am influenced by Annie Carpenter, Lisa Walford, Donna Farhi, Richard Freeman, and all teachers who model humility, wisdom, and authenticity.

Why I Practice

I practice yoga to find comfort and balance in my body, to reconnect. I practice yoga to bring me back to the beauty of the moment. I practice yoga to reconnect to my peace and evenness of mind. I practice yoga to be a better mother, wife, and human.

Why I Teach

I teach yoga because I think its mind body approach is truly the most amazing way to promote transformation. Our stories, our history, our resistance, our yearning, our fears, and anxieties are all held both in our bodies and in our minds. Yoga is a beautiful tool, its philosophy and its asana, to help us come back to who we really are; to find freedom, integrity, vulnerability, strength, and discernment. I teach yoga because I believe, whole heartedly, that it can change our lives. I deeply appreciate how much I learn through the role of teacher, the continual challenge to show up as a pure source of caring, presence, and vulnerability.

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