Melissa Dlugolecki


Training Certifications:

YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-hour
Certified Life Coach
Certified in Holisitic Remedies & Mindfulness
Certified Teacher, MA
Certified Master Athletic Administrator


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My daughter Leyden

Why I Practice

Yoga allows me to cultivate strength, awareness of my capacity at any given moment, to shut off my cell phone, to connect with my breath, and to quiet my mind. I began practicing for just the sweat and was humbled and grateful to learn it is about so much more.

Why I Teach

After losing my daughter Leyden in 2014 I discovered that I could run, I could lift weights, I could write, but I couldn't get on my mat. At that moment, I realized the power of yoga. After slowly making my way back to my mat and my practice, I was inspired to apply my experience as a teacher and coach as well as my life experience, to yoga. I want to offer the space for each person who enters the studio to observe their capacity to find their edge; to build strength, confidence, and patience; and to surrender to the discomfort of all that is uncontrollable, all while recognizing they can get through with their breath.

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