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Melissa McLaughlin


Training Certifications:

SculptWorks® Teacher Training
500-Hour Yoga teacher
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer


  • Melissa teaches:

    In Studio

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Nature, travel, books, community, and my teachers

Why I Practice

For me the yoga practice is like coming home. It reveals to me a deep wisdom and strength I've always possessed but somehow forgot. When I practice I remember and get to come home to the seat of understanding that lives within me.

Why I Teach

Yoga is for everyone, and it is my mission to share the tools of yoga, meditation, and functional movement to all who show up. I believe the practice of yoga when done with consistency and passion is transformational. I am honored to share educated and experienced advice so that all students can explore this practice safely, curiously, and with confidence so yoga can reveal its magic to each committed student.

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