Michelle Nguyen


Training Certifications:

Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Baptiste Level 1 Graduate


  • Michelle N teaches:

    In Studio

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I set intentions for class that are inspired by my own personal growth, self-inquiry, and reflections. I find inspiration in my everyday life – from interactions with my first grade students to my travels and adventures around the world.

Why I Practice

I started to practice yoga in 2011 because it was a new trendy “workout”. After each class though, I felt a total shift in my body and mindset that I never felt before. Yoga is both a cleansing and strengthening practice for me. Using my breath, I can create space for growth and let go of stuck energy or thoughts. Meditation and asana practice challenge me to find my balance and gratitude in the present moment.

Why I Teach

I strongly believe in the transformational nature of yoga and meditation with its many benefits. Through my practice and with the support of my yoga community, I have learned ways to manage everyday stress, be authentically myself, and uncover my vision and goals. When I teach yoga, I invite my students to play with breath and balance to discover the vibrant and calming energy within them.

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