Nancy Tvedt


Training Certifications:

E-RYT 500


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"Tis the human touch in the world that counts...which means far more to the sinking heart than shelter or bread or wine. For shelter is gone when the night is o'er, and bread lasts only a day. But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice live on in the soul always."

Why I Practice

First and foremost, my practice feeds my soul. It grounds me, lifts me up, and deepens the interconnection between my mind, my body, and my spiritual well being. My practice reminds me to walk on this earth with "strength and grace" and trust The Divine who leads me each and every day.

Why I Teach

Connection and Community.We were made to reach out, to create, to give, to grow and thrive with a spirit of joy and gratitude in our communities. I love to observe individuals grow in their own practice -- beyond the physical practice to a point that is sacred within. I enjoy being a guide along the path.

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