Nicole Mitsch


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YogaWorks 500-Hour Teacher Training


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My son. His authenticity, kindness and humor continue to be a daily inspiration for me to be a better mother, friend, student and teacher.

Why I Practice

I am intrigued by movement and fascinated with the human body. I approach the physical practice like a scientist. For me, asana is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. I want to do things, but I want to know what I am doing, how I am doing it, and why I am doing it. I also use my physical practice and approach as a way to help me prepare for the more difficult journey off my mat.

Why I Teach

I believe that the way you move matters and affects the way you feel. I want to help my students breathe with less restriction, move with more ease, and laugh a lot more. I love helping students connect the dots in their practice, helping them to figure out the what, why and how of asana. I combine different yoga methods and movement so that students can realize that there is not just one way, but many ways. I delight in creating creative, intelligent, preparatory sequences for my students.

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