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Nikki Kwasny


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YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-hour
RYT 200


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I'm inspired by the playful, yet disciplined nature of yoga. The playfulness allows you to move freely and challenge yourself, to make mistakes and fall without judgment, and to explore the natural rhythm of your own body. The discipline demands conscious movement, safe alignment, and an appreciation and acknowledgement of breath. The union of these two principles inspires me every time I step onto my mat.

Why I Practice

I practice to move and to feel present in my body and breath. I practice to keep my mind steady and at ease. I first discovered yoga after encountering a stressful work environment as a CPA for a large accounting firm. I remember the clarity and calm I felt after my first class, not yet understanding why I felt so different in comparison to the dozens of other workout classes I had tried before. This feeling kept me returning to my mat, and as my practice strengthened, I began to notice the emotional and spiritual growth it brought into my life. This continued growth makes me better in life, in my relationships, and in my career.

Why I Teach

I teach to spread the love and benefits of this beautiful practice. I truly believe that yoga is for anyone and everyone, no matter what age, size, gender, or background. We are all unique, and different practices speak differently to each of us. As a teacher, I strive to empower my students in finding the practice that best suits their individual needs.

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