Nora Heilmann

YOGA TEACHER & Teacher trainer

Training Certifications:

800-hour Jivamukti Yoga NYC
500-hour Svaha Yoga Amsterdam
200-hour OM Yoga NYC
60-hour Meditation Facilitator with Michael Stone
50-hour Anatomy
30-hour Prison Yoga / Trauma-informed training


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The complexity of all life on planet earth, plant-based lifestyle, animals (kittens!), trees, kind humans, music

Why I Practice

I am attracted to yoga as a multi-dimensional practice. I practice asana to create balance and well-being in the body. I practice pranayama and restorative yoga to recharge my batteries and strengthen the immune system. I practice meditation to cultivate a calm and spacious state of mind that can take others into consideration. I practice veganism and ethics in order to contribute to a sustainable life on planet earth.

Why I Teach

I have been teaching yoga since 2007 and movement research since 2001. I see yoga as a sustainability practice. Any form of conscious, breath-guided movement seems valuable as it might cultivate deeper awareness for the way we interact and relate in our day-to-day lives. Taking the time to pause, be still, and become conscious of one inhale and exhale opens up an inner space that allows for creativity and playfulness. Creative thinking seems urgently necessary in order for us to re-imagine our collective story in how we coexist within the biosphere of planet earth.

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