Rhiannon Morsberger


Training Certifications:

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
200-RYT through Charm City Yoga


  • Rhiannon teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    14th Street

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Inspiration is everywhere.

Why I Practice

I practice to maintain balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. When I practice, I learn how to be fully present to the difficult situations and discomfort that shows up off the mat. I learn how to be gracious with it and to breathe through it.

Why I Teach

I teach to foster community, to make a physical practice (that I've found to be therapeutic) accessible to people of varying conditions and levels, and to share a philosophy and way of life that has changed my own life for the better. My intention while teaching is to hold a space that facilitates a decrease in negative self-talk and an increase in curiosity, kindness, and gentleness.

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