Stephanie Aldrich


Training Certifications:

Charm City Yoga 200-hour
currently in the YogaWorks 300-hour Teacher Training program


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My mentor, Kim Manfredi, founder of Charm City Yoga, inspires me to bring my best to my teaching, and to keep working and learning to advance my understanding and hone my teaching skills.

Why I Practice

I practice vinyasa-style yoga because I love its focus on synchronizing breath and movement. The physical challenge helps relax my body; the focus on breath helps quiet my mind. The two together help me be present and aware.

Why I Teach

I seek to offer my students what I have found in yoga -- a challenging physical practice that focuses on synchronizing breath and movement, and using that focus to bring awareness to what is happening in our bodies, as well as in our hearts and minds. That awareness can transform us at a core level, by changing how we interact with ourselves and the world. In this way, I seek to inspire my students to integrate yoga into their lives off the mat.

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