Taylor Harkness


Training Certifications:

NREMT-P (Paramedic)
E-RYT 200
Currently pursuing a Doctorate as a Nurse Practitioner


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Why I Practice

Yoga is a valuable tool for bridging the gap between mindfulness and healthcare. I practice because of the tangible, measurable benefits of smart physical movement, and self-reflection.

Why I Teach

Initially, I began teaching simply as a way to shake off my rough shifts on the ambulance. It felt good to be amongst light-hearted, like-minded folks. As my healthcare career continues to evolve into primary care and psychiatry, my teachings are shifting as well. I believe in the positive aspects of a well-rounded yoga practice and all it can do for the practitioner -- from the people it can bring into our lives, even down to the ways it encourages us to examine our eating habits and our passing thoughts.

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