50-Hour Asana Training


Nov 9 - Dec 8, 2019



Pay in full $750

Are you a teacher looking to refine and advance your understanding of the fundamentals of asana? In this training we will be building upon what you have learned in your 200-hour and going deeper into the following areas: Standing Poses, Inversions, Forward Bends, Arm Balances, Advanced Asana, Vinyasa Flow and Restoratives. Each topic will include an in depth practice and how to teach adjustments, modifications and variations.

Training Summary


November 9 – December 8, 2019
Saturdays & Sundays | 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Meets the following weekends:
November 9-10 & 23-24

December 7-8


YogaWorks SoHo Teacher Training Center
474 Broadway
New York, NY 10013


$700 when you pay in full by October 9
$750 after October 9


If you sign up for all modules at once you will receive a 10% discount on each module.

Tuition must be paid in full by the early registration date to receive the discounted rate.Contact us for more details.


Graduation from a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Training is required.


This training accounts for 50 hours of the YogaWorks 300-Hour program. You can take this alone, or apply this to your 300-hour program hours. For 200-hour graduates who would like to continue their training and get full credit for the YogaWorks 300-Hour Program, you will be required to complete all remaining modules over the next two years. See below for complete 300-hour Modular Format schedule.


Apprenticeship: August 25, 2019 – February 23, 2020  Click here to register!

50-Hour Philosophy & Subtle Body Training: September 14 – October 27, 2019 Click here to register!

50-Hour Asana Training: November 9 – December 8, 2019

Practice Teach Series: February 12 – March 18, 2020   Click here to register!

50-Hour Teaching Skills Training: March 7-22, 2020  Click here to register!


Modules can be taken in any order. In order to get credit for the full 300-Hour Program, all modules must be completed within two years from the start date of the first module you attend.

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Laurel Beversdorf

Laurel is a senior 200hr and 300hr teacher, teacher trainer and mentor at YogaWorks in NYC as well as an integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher and trainer. She fuses movement inspired by her interdisciplinary studies in Feldenkrais, Yoga with Resistance Bands, weight-lifting and self-massage into her classes, workshops and online courses. Laurel’s life has taken her around many learning curves, ones in which she has battled feelings of inadequacy and not belonging. From small town Wisconsin where she grew up to NYC to be an actor and eventually a yoga teacher, trainer and workshop presenter, life keeps teaching Laurel that self-acceptance is the super skill. The key to relaxed confidence and a feeling of belonging, no matter where you find yourself, is to befriend yourself and learn to heal yourself through that process. In the classes and trainings Laurel teaches, she offers years of experience and the tools she has learned along the way toward living with more embodied confidence. Laurel invites students to quietly and persistently pay attention and trust. Whether it be in their power to do a pose, to relax fully, to demonstrate a strength beyond their imagination, or to stand up in front of a room and lead a yoga class with quiet, potent poise. Her aim is to help students uncover a sense of belonging in their bodies that helps them to feel more relaxed and confident in their lives, the lives through with they transform the world. Learn more about Laurel Beversdorf at <a href=”https://laurelbeversdorf.com/”>laurelbeversdorf.com</a>.

Jenny Aurthur

“Yoga is the one pursuit in Jenny’s life that has remained consistent: the longest relationship she has had with anything. And though it may sound trite, yoga has saved her. Without yoga she is fairly confident that she would have ended up either dead, in a mental institution or incarcerated.

Jenny started practicing yoga twenty years ago in Los Angeles. She was stuck in a job she couldn’t stand, in a toxic environment, feeling as if her soul was being crushed daily. Jenny came to yoga as a way to escape this daily torture, and with each yoga class the turmoil of life outside of her practice seemed less and less important. Ultimately, she asked myself why she was escaping through yoga and not escaping to yoga.

Two decades later Jenny has the privilege of being a full-time yoga instructor and teacher trainer. She has studied with some of the most incredible teachers working today – Maty Ezraty (founder of YogaWorks), Lisa Walford, Seane Corn, and Carrie Owerko.  Jenny has taught yoga to thousands of students and conducted trainings all over world. Most importantly Jenny is able to do what she love everyday. Learn more about Jenny Aurthur at <a href=””http://www.jennyaurthur.com/””>jennyaurthur.com</a>.”


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