Looking to offer a great health and wellness service to your employees especially while they are still working from home? We offer highly discounted access our platform for your employees, and can also offer exclusive personalized courses.

What You Get

  • Unlimited access to 25+ live stream classes daily with teacher interaction
  • 1,300+ on demand classes
  • Access to wellness journeys, yoga challenges, and select workshops.
  • The Benefits

    Happier, Healthier People = Better Work

  • Yoga boosts productivity, mood, focus, overall well-being and reduce levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Significant direct cost savings from healthcare plans for implementing corporate health & wellness plans.
  • Why Choose Us?

  • 30+ cumulative years of expert teaching.
  • More daily live stream classes than any other yoga platform in the market.
  • No strings attached - our plans are clear, transparent, and flexible.
  • Check Out What Others Are Saying About Our Service

    “I needed this today. It helped me through a rough week.”
    - Trinette F. (Google)

    “I’ve been doing this nearly every morning for the past couple of months. It’s so easy to fit it into my day. With my current work from home situation I am sitting much more often and have found my back and neck are not hurting me anymore. I highly recommend it!”
    - Lynn G (Kaiser Permanente)

    ““I appreciate how important it is to work together to maintain one's resilience and mental (& physical) health during this time. Thank you again for helping provide me some outlets to maintain my own well being.”
    - Michael G (Sutter Health)

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