JUNE 24-28, 2019
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
$650 **see below for additional pricing options

2301 Main St. Suite A, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 272-5641

A training for yoga teachers, clinicians, social workers, medical personnel and/or individuals working with communities with trauma.

This 5 day training, is designed to offer a physiological framework of shock and complex trauma and how they manifest in the body and mind. We will give you tools from the growing field of trauma research, yoga, and mindfulness to manage and even resolve symptoms of trauma. Our goal is to equip yoga teachers to teach to students with trauma, and to offer tools to those working with those with trauma in other capacities.

Anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, relationship stress, and health issues are often the result of unresolved trauma. The goal of a trauma informed yoga practice is to build resiliency and establish greater self-regulation. It is about feeling safe and at home in our bodies so that we can feel stable, have good self-esteem, and healthy relationships. A trauma informed yoga practice is sensitive to the needs of a participant with trauma symptoms, and offers them tools to feel safe, empowered and self-regulated

Along with addressing individuals, this training will explore how systemic patterns of trauma, at the heart of social justice issues such as poverty and racism, impact entire communities of people.

This training is for yoga teachers who would like to work with individuals or communities with trauma. It is also for clinicians, social workers, medical personnel, or anyone else who would like to integrate basic yoga tools into their work to support greater health and well-being.

This 40 hour training covers the following essential information for teaching trauma informed yoga:
  • Shock, developmental, complex, and collective trauma
  • The stress response and the nervous system
  • Somatic therapy tools for resourcing and discharge
  • Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that support greater self-regulation
  • Trauma informed cueing and sequencing
  • Practice teaching
  • Social Justice basics
  • Self-awareness (how our personal life experiences inform our work)
  • Vicarious trauma and Self-care

This training differs from the 3 day training in that much more time is dedicated to practice teaching, creating sequences and curriculum, and exploring the main topics in depth.

Discount Rate: $500; Workshop Rate: $650; Supporter Rate: $800

*We are using sliding scale pricing to make this workshop affordable for those who cannot pay the full fee. We know that many people interested in this work volunteer their time without pay. We ask that you pay what you can afford. Those of you who can pay the Supporter rate allow us to offer the discount rate as well as scholarships.

Hala Khouri M.A., SEP, E-RYT, has been teaching yoga & the movement arts for over 20 years. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, a body-based psychotherapy that addresses trauma & its symptoms. Hala is a co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, which bridges yoga & activism within a social justice framework. She leads trauma informed yoga trainings nationally and her own 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles.

Kyra Haglund, LCSW, SEP, E-RYT is a clinical social worker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner & yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. She is a co-creator of the Santa Monica Yoga Teacher Training Program & the Trauma Informed Yoga Program. Kyra completed her graduate studies in social work at USC focusing on mental health, military social work, family systems & public policy.

Jun 24 - 28, 2019

Monday 9:00am-5:00pm


YogaWorks - Santa Monica - Main

2215 Main Street
Santa Monica CA 90405
(310) 272-5641

Workshop Return Policy

Full payment is required to reserve a space in workshops. All workshops are non-refundable. Cancellations made two weeks or more prior to workshop start date will be issued store credit. No store credit will be given for cancellations made less than two weeks prior to workshop start date. YogaWorks is not responsible for any costs incurred for travel arrangements or accommodations related to this event.

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