Creating Individual and Collective Well-Being

DECEMBER 7-9, 2018
FRI, SAT, SUN 9:30AM-4:30PM
$540 | $495 if paid before 11/7 - In-studio only training
$1,945 | $1,795 if paid before 11/7 Combined in-studio & online training*

2301 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 272-5641

This 3-day immersion with Bo Forbes is designed for contemplative practitioners of all levels, helping professionals, and learners interested in an interdisciplinary approach to well-being. This immersion builds upon Bo’s recent work bridging Yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, and contemplative practice while integrating her latest teachings on embodiment, introducing cutting edge science across multiple fields and delving further than ever before into taking our practice ‘off the mat’ through the integration of social justice. While delivering in-depth content and facilitating potent experiential practices, Bo consistently centers you, the practitioner, as expert and harvests the collective wisdom in the cohort. Each day we’ll experience a seamless mix of theory, practice and dialogue exploring:
  • Inner Empowerment through Movement, Proprioception, and Body Agency - tools for practice, teaching and living
  • The “New Wave” of Trauma including Resilience, Posttraumatic Growth, and the Mind-Body Relationship
  • Sustainable approaches to caring for ourselves and others during this time of global trauma and unrest
  • Embodiment, Compassion and Contemplative Practices to cultivate individual and collective well-being and as acts of social justice
Participants conclude the 3 -day immersion with an extensive toolkit of practical wisdom and simple tools to integrate into their personal practice, classroom, or professional lives. The immersion is paired with an opportunity for continued study in Bo’s incredible online learning community through your choice of two courses: Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and the Body or Yoga, Science, Psychology and Social Justice. Bo’s online courses are filmed live, delivered on an engaging learning platform, and give you the chance to learn, practice and integrate at your own pace while supported by a vibrant online community.
All online courses are accredited with the Yoga Alliance and the American Psychological Association for a 75 hr CE certificate. Students who complete the combined in-person and online training may qualify for a 100 hr CE certificate.

The Weekend Course(see below for information on the in-person/online certification course)
Day One: Yoga Therapeutics through Movement, Body Awareness, and Body Agency
What makes movement so empowering? And how can we amplify the therapeutic benefits of asana practice? In this daylong intensive, we will focus on body awareness (proprioception), bodily self-efficacy and empowerment (body agency), and the art of infusing therapeutic elements into our practice.
We will:
-examine the science and practice of mindfulness in movement: what it is, why it’s important, and how to cultivate it
-explore the relationship between mobility, stability, and strength
-expand the binary of “active” vs. “passive” practice, with a focus on “dynamic rest” and contemplative activity
-experiment with alternative methods of exploring “productive discomfort” as a therapeutic mechanism
Practices will include mindful movement, connective tissue work, therapeutic forms of dynamic rest, and more.
Day Two: Trauma, Resilience, and the Practice of Yoga
What is trauma? Why is it so hard to talk about openly, and how do we approach it in the practice of yoga? In this daylong intensive, we will combine emerging research on the whole-brain effects of trauma. We’ll talk about different forms of trauma, including chronic and progressive trauma and the chronic nervous system trauma of modern daily life.
We will examine:
-the new science of trauma as it pertains to neural networks and whole-brain communication
-the dynamic of assisting and permission in yoga practice, including the components of permission
-the cyclic quality and reappearance of trauma and how we can adapt our body-based practices to address it most effectively
-post-traumatic growth and how yoga can help
Practices will include mindful movement, connective tissue work, dynamic rest, and supine, walking, and seated meditation.
Day Three: Yoga, the Body, and the Science of Compassion
What is compassion, and why is it so beneficial, both on and off the mat? How is this re-emerging field of compassion research and practice relevant to personal health and collective well-being? In this workshop, we will explore the new science of compassion as it applies to ourselves and to others. We’ll highlight the surprising relevance of compassion for sensitives, empaths, and healers- - and the important and empowering ways it differs from empathy.
We will:
-Learn about the three stages of compassion and how they differ in the mind, brain, and body
-Experience directly the therapeutic benefits of self-compassion and compassion on the nervous system
-Examine compassion as the “connective tissue” that links yoga practice we do on the mat and the lived experience we have in difficult moments
-Explore practical strategies for applying compassion to empower ourselves in difficult conversations and relationships
-Discuss how the body can help initiate and nourish difficult conversations within and beyond our “in-group” communities from the foundation of compassion (and self-compassion)
-Raise the issue of social context in yoga and contemplative traditions, and establish foundations for exploring issues related to race, gender, class, and vulnerable populations
The Choice of the Following Online Courses:
Yoga, the Body, and Social Context
The breaking news in well-being is a revolution in the way we understand the mind-brain-body relationship. What does this revolution mean for our modern understanding of yoga, mindfulness, the body, and contemplative practice? What is our role as practitioners, healers, and humans? This course is infused with insights from Bo’s latest research, scholarship, and collaborations in wide-ranging fields, and will feature guest teachers from her community. Together, we explore the emerging science and practice of embodiment as a medium for personal growth and healing. Perhaps most importantly, we examine the social context of embodiment and through our lived embodied experience, its implications for the well-being and cohesiveness of communities.
Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, The Body, & Contemplative Practice
We know that our yoga practice helps us feel better, but how long do those benefits usually last? What are the tools that transform our practice from one which makes us feel good for a short while to one that is unequivocally life-changing? In this innovative course, Bo offers a new alternative to the modern medical paradigms of problem-based, protocol-focused healing. She offers a step-by-step method for well-being that draws from the traditions of yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, the body and movement studies, and contemplative practice.
In this new course, you’ll explore a wide variety of concepts integral to our well-being, starting with our mind-body network, a communication superhighway within us that holds the keys to health. You’ll learn ways in which fields previously thought to be different are interrelated and interdependent.
Learn More about these courses:
*For additional information and questions about online learning with Bo, continuing education credits, or other inquires please contact Kathryn at or visit Bo's website,
Bo Forbes, Psy.D., is a global yogi, psychologist, and innovator in mind-body medicine whose focus is the well-being and cohesiveness of both individuals and communities. Bo’s work bends paradigms and integrates emerging research in science, psychology, and contemplative practice with decades of experience on the front lines of somatic education. She consults to professional sports teams, organizations, and learning centers worldwide, and is the founder of Embodied Awareness, an online education company. Bo is engaged in ongoing multi-disciplinary collaborations and research efforts that explore embodiment, contemplative practice, and social equity. In 2017, she coordinated a Think Tank grant through the Mind and Life Institute that focused on embodiment, contemplative practice, and reducing implicit bias and prejudice. With colleague Kris Manjapra, she will co-teach a course at Tufts University in the Fall of 2018 on colonialism, decolonization, and the body. Bo is the Founder of The One Body Collective, a non-profit initiative housed within the Give Back Yoga Foundation that aims to collaborate and create new pedagogy in somatics, contemplative practice, and social justice. Bo has written scholarly and lay articles for numerous leading magazines. She is the author of Yoga for Emotional Balance: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression and a book on the science and practice of embodiment that is slated for publication in 2019.

Dec 7 - 9, 2018

Friday 9:30am-4:30pm


$495 if paid before 11/7

YogaWorks - Santa Monica - Main

2215 Main Street
Santa Monica CA 90405
(310) 272-5641

Workshop Return Policy

Full payment is required to reserve a space in workshops. All workshops are non-refundable. Cancellations made two weeks or more prior to workshop start date will be issued store credit. No store credit will be given for cancellations made less than two weeks prior to workshop start date. YogaWorks is not responsible for any costs incurred for travel arrangements or accommodations related to this event.

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