"I'm thankful the instructor helped me to find the benefits in the poses,
despite my physical limitations.”

Why Practice Yin Yoga at YogaWorks?

YogaWorks’ Yin yoga classes are all about the sweet serenity that comes from stillness. Similar to our Restorative yoga offerings, Yin yoga is excellent for beginners who want to spend some time exploring the fundamentals of each pose. Still, it produces the kinds of deep sensations that can be transformative for yogis of all levels.

YogaWorks Yin yoga instructors are expertly-trained to guide yogis through a well balanced Yin yoga class. With the use of verbal cues, props and hands-on assistance, our teachers make each Yin yoga class into a cathartic experience.

Yin Yoga 1 and 1-2 classes are an ideal offering for newer yogis who are still uncovering their practice. Instructors tailor the class to beginners with detailed cues and individual guidance.

All Levels Yin yoga classes are designed to accommodate all levels of practice. They’re just as accessible to those who have never practiced Yin yoga as they are to seasoned Yin yogis on a quest to deepen their practice.

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